What are the limits of a digital era?

Not much. So we'd better off talking about the plethora of possibilities instead. The world used to be limited in carrying complex tasks due to the area, transport, space, and time constraints. But with the advent of the powerful Internet broke all of those barriers. Our team of lucky travelers all have different ideas of how you can enjoy the Caribbean and Curacao. Here we are.

Website writer: Alfonse van der Mann

I should thank myself for the experiences I've had as a travel guide. That's what my senior told me a few years ago when I decided to become a website writer. Travelers from different parts of the world love sharing stories about their home countries and I've used that as a means to broaden my horizon. They are often my inspiration to write interesting articles for the blog. Different cultures have unique approaches when it comes to dealing with the stresses of modern societies.

Website editor: Sam Kempers

You know what skills you develop when you're a travel agent? Organization and an eye for details! You could say I'm somewhat of a micro-manager because when you are a travel agent you need to remember and make notes of various different schedules, destinations, and client names. Running a blog is a breeze in the park and I enjoy that a lot. I'm glad my seemingly boring skills are super useful for the project we're creating together.

Contributing writer: Sarah Peterson

They say I have an old man's hobby for a young person, but I enjoy the calm I have when I'm just sitting in nature and waiting for the fish to come knocking at my daydream. Those are the times I get to think, you know! Inspirations flow naturally and quality of work gets written when I'm fishing! I enjoy writing about the importance of occasional solitude to return to our own self. That's the way to healing ourselves from the noise of everyday life.

Special event reporter: Charleen Hagen

Do you know the amazing secrets behind every event project? I know a lot of uncomfortable truths that outsiders definitely must not know. But they are my secrets. The Caribbean has a ton of amazing events all year round and combined with my knowledge as a historian, I find myself able to deliver reports that are uniquely insightful. I think that makes our blog delightfully different.

Unique talents, experiences, and individuals. Their need to join forces in order to create the values that are even more unique unto each other are of the complimented. We often find ourselves feeling stuck in our daily jobs, feeling we could probably do more, but just like our creative thinking leads us, we are honored by people who share similar values that you relate to us. We hope that this is exactly what it takes to create bigger things! We do need your help, so of course your thoughts and comments help guide us. Please write us here:



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