Historical Curacao Landhouses

Historical Curacao LandhousesThis article focuses on the Santa Barbara landhouses in this pristine location. We shall be focusing on what makes this island worth a mention when it comes to these rare historical gems and why you should consider it as a primary destination when it comes to your itinerary considerations.

Located just 12 degrees north of the Equator, you can rest assured that Curacao is an inviting warm and sunny climate all year round. This promises a perfect destination to sample some of the most amazing historical sites alongside the ambient climate and stunningly beautiful beaches. Alonso de Ojeda, who was Christopher Columbus lieutenant, discovered this island in 1499.

The Spaniards remained in control of the island until the Dutch conquered it in 1634. Thereafter, at the and of the 17th Century, it changed hands from the English settlers to the Dutch who have been in control of the island. The island became autonomous on October 10, 2010 and gained the freedom to enjoy its sovereignty as a country under the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Why do you need to visit Curacao?

This island offers a blend of rich historical and appealing climatic conditions. One cannot help but marvel at the carefully preserved artifacts in the form of traditional, historical and religious gems alongside the contemporary lifestyle. The Santa Barbara beach landhouse in Curacao stands out as one of the most inviting locations on the island. Some of the reasons why the Santa Barbara beach landhouse in Curacao is a must visit include the following aspects.

The landhouses in Curacao data back to the 17th and 18th century during the time of plantations and slavery. In total, Curacao has about 70 landhouses strategically located on various hilltops overseeing plantations. These locations created a platform for communication during emergencies as well as providing oversight to the villages below. In addition to this, the style gives you an opportunity to sample what the island looked like when it was a buzz of activities belonging to the West India Trading Company.

If you are a historical buff, than this location will give you something to smile about as you marvel at the rare gems that place is right in global history. This is in addition to many other landhouses that are equally intriguing. As many as they are, you may realize that you need more time and probably more visits to be part of this magnificent splendor.

The amazing warm and friendly people enliven the area enhancing the quality of your stay. As you stroll around, you get a rare glimpse of culture and savor the local cuisine in the tropics. Whether its elegance or comfort, this is a place where the blend will always leave any first time visitor asking for more.